Ritrovarsi insieme è un inizio,
restare insieme è un
ma riuscire a lavorare insieme è un

(Henry Ford)

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Energy & sustainability

Ambiente, società, energia


& sustainability

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Rilo Digital Planning deals with energy and sustainability in a transversal way within its sectors. The design themes and construction processes are guided by technical awareness and knowledge of energy processes.

The professional commitment is reflected in numerous experiences in certification processes according to the most widespread international environmental protocols both in the design phases and in the technical management phase of the construction site.


Accredited staff (LEED AP) to follow and support certification processes in the design and construction phase, as well as for the evaluation of C.A.M. for tenders.


Accredited staff (WELL AP) for advice on the assessment and achievement of the WELL certificate aimed at guaranteeing the highest standards of healthiness and quality in the workplace.

Wiredscore ®

Accredited staff (WiredScore AP) to support and guide the customer towards the innovative WiredScore certification, for the enhancement of the digital infrastructure.


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managing director

edoardo maroder

managing director


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